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Kitchen/Bath Remodel

Renovation tailored to minimize disruption in your home

Kitchen & Bathroom Demolition: Precision in Every Detail

Renovating your kitchen or bathroom starts with precise demolition. Our expert team specializes in handling these delicate areas, ensuring that your renovation foundation is perfectly set. We meticulously remove old fixtures and structures, while preserving what stays.

Our approach is tailored to minimize disruption in your home. We understand the importance of keeping your space clean and safe during the demolition process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new design.

Our Process:

  • Protecting remaining cabinets/countertops, etc

  • Shower/Tub removal can be done without the removal of any vanity/flooring, if necessary

  • Protection of closets/living areas until work is finished

  • Removal of ANY and ALL flooring if necessary. We can handle the toughest tile removal

  • Shower pan removal while keeping drain intact

Visual depiction of a kitchen floor's change, showcasing the before and after tiles.

Experience the pinnacle of precision and power with our services – where expertise meets innovation to redefine destruction.